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Colombian Coffee Beans

Colombian Coffee History

Coffee was introduced to Colombia in the early 1800s.  Today Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, and Maragogype coffee varietals are cultivated.    

Colombian Coffee Industry

The Colombian Coffee Federation has done a commendable job in promoting the specialty coffees of Colombia.  Although most of the Colombian coffee you find in the stores is overrated, excellent examples are available.  Freshly roasted Colombian coffee beans are rich in flavor, heavy bodied, has a bright acidity, and is intensely aromatic. 

Colombian Coffee Production

Colombia produces about 12% of the coffee in the world, second only to Brazil (Note: This year coffee production in Vietnam is expected to surpass that of Colombia.  Unfortunately, Vietnam produces almost 100% Robusta).

Best Colombian Coffee Bean Producing Regions

There are two main regions of coffee production in Colombia: Medillín, Armenia, and Manizales (MAM) in the central region and Bogotá and Bucaramanga in the eastern mountainous region.  MAM coffees are known for their heavy body, rich flavor, and fine acidity.  Bogotá is less acidic than Medillín, but retains the richness and brightness.  Bucaramanga is milder, often heavier bodied, and rich in flavor reminiscent of Sumatran coffees



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